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Come what may by RockitRocket-RIR

A totally melt moment there. This just shows the tender love parents give for their child :) Another big point, this shows that a homose...

AT: Memory by nekophy
by nekophy

I don't usually write critiques.. but I'll give one for this! The whole picture is simple, yet it's awesome :D We can see the best frien...


TIME TO START... THE JOURNEY THROUGH TIME. AND. SPACE. Fasten your seatbelts and grab your cheese, everyone! :D

The story on how I got into dA was a bit... fuzzy, sorry. I think it was on a forum back then, the artists have this deviantart thing where they put all their art at. I got curious and hey, why not. So I did.

JULY 2012

Danny mid morphing by maltese101
(My first ever deviation I made on July two years ago! I borrowed my sister's tablet because I didn't have my own back then. I remember using vectors for some things (learning vectors with absolutely no basis of what it is and how it works wasn't fun, let me tell you! My sister didn't (and still don't) use vectors so I was on my own... I was very proud on how this turned out! My sister helped me through the basics of Ps.)

It was exactly two years ago. I was still a kid back then. My style was very childish and chibi-ish, you know, simple enough to make so I won't have to worry about the hands and anatomy and whatever, plus it's cute so people will like it. Heh. It's my shortcut. I was very into Danny Phantom back then, little on the MLP bits. Back then I had so many unread DP fanfics... :) They got me excited, so, so excited!

My OC: Bloodshot by maltese101
(First pony art I made. Alicorn OCs were cool and are still cool to this day. Haters gonna hate :XD: I started to get a hang of the tablet. And I think I got my very first tablet around this time. Hehe. It was cheap and sometimes it was just disappointing but I have good memories with it. My first tablet, ah, that nostalgia...)

So this is Bloodshot, my alicorn OC with the tragic backstory and somehow, a connection with Celestia and Luna. Gary Stu? I'm afraid so :XD: He looks just gorgeous and plus I have a soft side for capes. Heh. I eventually get back to more DP. A lot of my 2012 and early-to-mid 2013 art are Danny Phantom phanart (:D) and most are Pompous Pep too... I started to get better at my tablet... skills, and also my vectors too! I can only do blocky shapes back then 'cause I didn't know how to manipulate the anchors better. Ahhh....

Daniel the Reaper by maltese101 The Real Me by maltese101 My Opposite by maltese101
(My early pure vectors. I was getting slightly and slightly better! I relied heavily on concept and stylisation so I could at least cover my amateur-ness in actual drawing skill and somehow make it look good. Heh. Sorry. Not sorry.)

Then I started to focus more on my tablet... cause vectors just took too much time! Heh. I also made my first animation... in Photoshop. It's clunky, it's gaudy, and I still love it to this day. Even though I cringe. A lot.


Don't worry... by maltese101
(I like the lingering eyes. Oooh. The chills. I swear I will remake this one day and do it justice! :))

Back to more drawing... also, I finally made a vector that finally met my standards as a 'good, clean, and smooth' quality! It was the Twilight one and I kind of cheated using a very big resolution... and multiple vectors on the black parts to thicken it... but eh! It looks good enough on a shirt, and as a tattoo, I thought. Heh. I just keep on drawing and drawing. I also drew more MLP and other stuff besides DP, although I still do a lot of DP. I relied a loot on my manual skills. I only use the layers system, the eyedropper tool, undo, transform, simple gradients, layer effects, and vectors, I think. I haven't figured out too much stuff that Ps had to make my art journey way easier. Blame my sister, she was (and is) used to doing it the manual way too. She was the only source I had, back then...

Twilight vector by maltese101
(See? See? I was so proud and still am! I don't know how I managed back then with my limited vector knowledge, because to this day I still struggle trying to make the vectors look smooth and not jaggy!)

Then I messed around with Ps and found out this miraculous thing called 'Layer Adjustments'. It made my drawing so much more lively and vibrant! It was the 'Brightness/Contrast' setting and the 'Curves' setting, I think. I was still scared to try out the other ones and oh, did I regret that or what! I regret regret regret to the power of a hundred for not letting my curiosity win, instead I feared the unknown and simply make do with what I know because I was afraid it would mess up my drawings and it would be irreversible. After so long I decided to just 'ah fuck it' and then stumbled upon magic. Silly me for not being curious! Always be curious, always want to be in the light! Knowledge IS literally power, after all!

Sleep tight by maltese101
(First drawing with filters. I remember uploading the with-filters version shortly after I submitted it because the change was subtle but very significant! Yeah, that means all of my previous art was made... without filters. A miracle! :lol: Seriously! Filters make everything look so much better!)

After filters, I discovered textures and the multiply/screen/overlay setting! Before I only know the opacity mode and relied heavily on it to achieve some effects... now... Heh. Needless to say I spam on the textures. :D All in all, my knowledge expanded and so did my art skills in general. I dabble more into other styles although I still stick through the cartoony look. I didn't do too much vectors on this stage for visuals. I mostly use vectors to fill the flat colours because it avoids the annoying untouched corners and that saved my loads of time. I also like the cleanliness of it all. :D

The Grim Reaper by maltese101 Glowing Red by maltese101 Pass me the rope by maltese101
(I also tried the smudge tool for the first time! It was one of the first drawings to ever use the soft shading/airbrush method instead of the usual cell-shading. Also notice how all three are dark themed. Coincidence? I think not! :dummy:)

Fancy Smile by maltese101 Flower Flutter by maltese101 By heaven's name! by maltese101 Middle ground? by maltese101
(Some drawings that I'm really proud of in mid 2013. They look really nice and great, in my opinion, on that time, and still are today! The first one was a pure vector, too!)

I also did some writings on my personal views and whatnot. Hehe. I was into writing too! Anyway. After the vectors and the cell-shading... I decided to try something different. I had seen so many artists with this style in general and they works were so visually appealing to me. So I tried it and needless to say I was very happy with my first attempt. Seriously. I was beyond impressed and satisfied. I finally knew how those great artists did it, because before I didn't think the airbrush shading style was possible to do without some kind of extensive knowledge on the art program... turns out you just need to experiment with the brush opacity and a lot of eyedroppers. My sister was unfamiliar with soft-shading so I really got no help with the 'how'. She gave critiques though :D This style too much much more effort and time. The cell shading version of those 3 drawings above will probably take 30-60 minutes at most. I remember spending so much hours on these, especially the Fluttershy and the Alakin one! But the results are so satisfying and worth it. I learned so much. Really. This point is a huge milestone for me!


Messy hair by maltese101 Small smile by maltese101 Sleepyhead by maltese101
(The first airbrush shading one is the person in a purple shirt with red converse. I made that as a gift to my forum friend who were feeling kind of down at that time. My biggest struggle with this style was getting the colours to seamlessly blend, creating that slightly more realistic touch.)

Shortly after I discovered yet another miracle, and thaw was 'Clipping Mask'. Upon discovering that nifty little feature, it was art heaven under my fingertips. :D It saved me sooo much time and I got a much much cleaner shading and effects, everything. This is when I realised what digital art truly means. With this, I progressed fast. I was able to do so much with less time. With this I don't have to erase the excess shading outside of the lineart... and it made vector lineless style possible for me. It also allows me to colour my lineart and change it as many times as I want it. Before I had to set my lineart colour on the beginning because I can't change it later, resulting it more or less clash with the rest of the drawing when it was finished. It revolutionised a lot.

  Danny Phantom Again by maltese101 All hail the princess by maltese101
(My pride and joy. This is when I realised that something I made is actually market-quality. I can easily see the DP one on a shirt.)

That's when something in my mind clicked; that this art thing I like doing may not be only a hobby, but I could possibly make money out of it. This new mindset, that I can actually make some money out of it, was utterly mindblowing. I felt that my skills had reached this point where it started to become marketable. Legitly marketable. As in there's an actual chance that strangers, people who I don't know personally, to buy the art. The design. Because it's just that good. Holy nuts of hell! This made me more serious into art. Now before starting I will have to think about a solid concept and how things go, the mood, the perspective, etc. I will have to make cleaner lineart, and overall better colours, better visuals, better everything. If I wanted to live off my art, my hobby, my favourite thing to do, I would not be fooling around. It's time to get into the game, level up the playing field, and win. It's time to put some serious, actual effort into these images. It's time for me to improve and I need to do it fast.

Bubbly by maltese101 Count Daniel by maltese101 Two Halflings by maltese101
(Nearing the end of 2013. I really like these three! I tried on animation for the second time, re-draw the 'Daniel the Reaper' back in Nov 2012, and actually make a really good looking and complete Pompous Pep drawing. I feel proud. Damn proud.)

Then I started to try watercolours. I haven't tried them again these days, but I will... some day. Let me get tired of digital art first :XD: It wasn't easy painting. It wasn't easy arting without layers, undo, and the eraser when the paint is already on. No filters too. It was damn hard but it was also... fun. It was different, it felt so different! I guess it's more liberating in a way because you work on a full 100% view every time, and what you stroke down with your hands is literally what you'll get, unlike digital art with a tablet. I will definitely try again and improve my watercolour! :)

Gastly and Gastly by maltese101 Class IX E by maltese101 Snow Empress by maltese101
(Every thumbnail here are chronologically sorted! From up to down, from left to right. Ah, my first Pokemon watercolour. Is it a coincidence that I choose Gastly, a Pokemon so easily done with watercolours? Hehe :D I made the middle one for my class! We're graduating soon and I want to make a little something for my classmates to always remember :) And finally Elsa! The hype was pretty big back then and I get to score some praise... and compliments :XD: from my peers. Hehe. The advantages of traditional art, is that people I know personally can see it easily, not like my dA page that no one knows about :dummy:)

Things started to really look up nearing the end of November through New Years. The art looks just visually appealing, has this 'mood and vibe' you can automatically pick, the colours and lighting more vibrant and dynamic. They started to tell a story. They have more definite ideas. There was so much going on in one picture! It really contrasts with my art from earlier 2013. I started to flip my drawings from time to time in the making so I won't get anything funny looking, especially on the sketch/lineart stage. My sister suggested this but back then I was too stubborn and a bit too proud :P Thank goodness I do that now! Heaven knows what kind of asymmetrical atrocities I ended up making if I hadn't.

Love You by maltese101 Picture Perfect by maltese101 23:59 by maltese101
(Look! Actual background that needed actual time and effort... and I actually give the time and effort! Very satisfying end result. I also know more filters and use them a lot. I know some really handy tricks and shortcuts to get the desired effect.)

The feeling that now, you can actually make the things in your head a reality, with how you wanted everything to be. It's a nice feeling. It felt great. I feel powerful. I have the ability to make these drawings with above-average quality. People are always surprised when I show them my drawings, especially my peers, and when you're a hormonal teen going through this shitty stage of life, you'll need the confidence and the ego boost... (trust me) and I savor it all up. It's good to feel good about myself, how far I have gotten.


Evening Flight by maltese101 Of Course by maltese101 Luna by maltese101
(The Celestia one was my first ever huge thing. I finally made something like those canvas paintings you put every hour into. And I really love it too :love: Just love the vibrant colours :) And more Pompous Pep! Still my OTP to this day. And finally, another worthy pure vector. I thought about making stickers and I did. I think Luna looks especially good in this one, best Luna I ever made.)

MOEAR PONIES! And I revamped my signature too! The original isn't... proportionally good (lol making an entirely new signature because of purely technical issues. I don't know if I'm truly an artist this way or I'm just nit-picky, or a perfectionist :XD:) so made a new one. I still included my elements into it. Starting 2014, I really put more effort into all my drawings. I was able to make more quality work with less and less time because compared from my first drawings, now I know a lot about the features Photoshop has to offer. I finally understand why it's so expensive :dummy:

Ten Years by maltese101 Screenshot Redraw by maltese101 La Reine de Neige by maltese101 Bros by maltese101

(Happy tenth Danniversary! :D I'm proud for being part of the Phandom! I met so many lovely people, art, and stories. I also love the friendly and passionate community, even if it's small! :) I also decided to finally do Elsa some justice... even though the Frozen fever has finally faded... a bit (I beg to differ hehe, I still see some Frozen gif set in Tumblr) and I made something for my group of friends! Now I only go to the same school as the dark purple one. The others moved to another school, although the three of them moved to the same school. I still love every one of them, though! I miss you guys :()

Then... I finally opened commissions! I put value into quality over quantity, and I felt confident enough that my art have to have some value, right? Actual money? Yes, I decided that they are worth something, so... maybe I should get some money for it :D Heh, what The Joker said. If you're good at something, never do it for free! I got my first, actual legit commission just about 30 days ago. I got it from my real life friend, he was so nice :hug: Knowing that my art finally worth something is an exceptional feeling to experience! Now... maybe, you're interested in commissioning me? Just one or two? I'll try my best! *HINT* *HINT* *POKE* #notsosubtleadvertising :dummy:

COMMISSIONS by maltese101
(I'm a fan of boxes and squares and everything boxy and angular... heh. So I thought the grid format was perfect. I don't have a clue on how I should rank my drawings per effort and price though... because my style is never consistent enough. Let me know if you have something better in mind to make the format more fitting!)

Here are some re-draws! It always feels so nice and satisfying to have solid proof that you've improved! (By now I should apologise if I'm too proud and think too highly of myself. That tend to happen, especially in art. But strangely I'm in a happy mood tonight, so...? Sorry not sorry again!) Heh. I am proud to have come this far, but by no means I should relax and take things slow now that I'm 'good'. I see a lot of amazing, jaw-slacking art every single day and I won't stop until I can do art on that level. I won't! I will keep on improving, I will practice more often. I will put more effort into things, I will research things. I will study lighting and values more seriously. More about colour theory, more about abstract styles/unique stylization. And anatomy oh mY GOD anatomy. I suck so much on anatomy. And perspective. And foreshortening. I'm going to amend that, though! The day will come when I finally pull off dynamic poses, lively gestures, and interesting perspectives with relative ease! Just everything! Art is very wide and has endless branches going everywhere, because art simply never stops evolving. There's always something new and hip and just that right kind of unique that people want, and I aspire to reach that someday :) ...Don't know when though, maybe in 3 more years? Let's hope so! I'm seriously considering an Art major when I graduate :D

Draw This Again Danny Phantom by maltese101 Redraw meme by maltese101 Sketchdump Redraw Meme by maltese101
(I'm thinking of doing more re-draws, especially on my older art! What do you think? Should I do it or should I just focus on making new things? Let me know! :))

On June 6th I made my first drawing using my current tablet, my Wacon Intuos Pen and Touch Medium! I got it a week before that but I used it a week later cause I was busy with some stuff on that time. Thank you, Genius Tablet! I'm not the artist today without you and I will remember you for a very loooong time :) And this here below is the first drawing I made using my new Wacom tablet! It feels soo different! Much more accurate, more sensitive, more smooth... more everything. Definitely a right choice. Thanks dad, for making this all possible :) I was able to make more art that feels like actual art, something with real emotions behind them, that is conveyed through the style used and how the characters are drawn. This. My personal style can finally shine through (lol I have my own definite style, that is :XD:) like never before. Draw, draw, draw like crazy!

Whoah by maltese101
(A prize I drew for someone who won my lotto back then! Who knew chibi turtles were so entertaining to draw? :D)

And now we've reached the end of this ridiculously long essay or some sort. I spent about 3 hours total just typing this and inserting the images, holy crap! This is like an extensively-explained history of my art from the very start to present day :) Thank you for reading this until the very end (or if you just skim through my paragraphs and look at the thumbnails to see my progress, lol, in that case thank you too!). Here, have some of my personal favourites!

June 9th 2014 - August 7th (Present day) 2014

Ghost Stallion by maltese101 Sun Goddess by maltese101 Belle by maltese101
(Made the first two using FireAlpaca, a free art software a lot like SAI. I made Danny and Celestia there, and the background plus additional textures plus filters in Ps, though. I still recommend it! Excellent brushes for clean lineart :D Also Danny cross-dressing. Those fics have more or less influenced me in every way. Danny in a dress, looking all shy and innocent is my new kink now)

Faerie Lenny by maltese101 Missing by maltese101 Equestrian Elite by maltese101
(Decided to try the soft but solid shading style... can you believe that I actually drew the whole bird in one layer? Yeah! A livestream back then used this method, painting like in real paintings, putting everything in one layer, and it was fun! In a way you control more this way than the average 100 layers for everything for a safety net. I really like the vibrance and the happy feeling I get from staring at it. A lot. Heh :lol: The semi-realistic horse was also very fun and satisfying to make! I remember coming across this concept of 'from start to finish' on a MLP art I saw sometime back, and I loved the idea! I also used references. Yes to references. I'm really digging the comic-book style at the moment and just horses in general :D They look so majestic and powerful in their own right! And finally Pony!Vlad. He's like my favourite character ever and I haven't done fanart of just him in a long time... so I finally decided to! And I love it too. I just love Vlad and I love his Pony! design! :D

Thank you for sticking by! I hope that maybe you feel inspired or motivated by this long ass journal :dummy: Or maybe just something to entertain you! Whatever it is, thank you again for reading! :hug:


They who shalt not be named
Artist | Student | Varied
Please give me critique. Please. PLEASE. I AM BEGGING YOU.

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